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VITAL water and shelter training will be delivered in the Philippines by RedR.
But we need your help to make sure our work reaches everyone who needs it.
RedR UK will provide Philippine nationals and international aid workers in the South Asian state with training in providing water for sanitation and drinking, and in providing shelter for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
The typhoon, the fourth most intense ever recorded, struck the Philippines on November 8-9. It is estimated to have killed at least 7,400 people, and injured more than 20,000.
Its 195mph winds destroyed and damaged more than one million homes, leaving more than four million people homeless. Water supply systems have also been destroyed, while flooding caused by the typhoon has contaminated water storage and supply systems across the state.
United Nations investigations have concluded 11 million people have been affected by the disaster. The UN reports 4.5m people now have no water supply, or need help to access toilets and latrines, or urgently require water for hygiene and sanitation.  
Following liaison with NGOs in the Philippines, we plan to train people in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) provision and Shelter.
In Haiti, RedR proved that training nationals in countries hit by disaster can dramatically increase the capacity of relief efforts, as well as improving the effectiveness of the response. In short, when people know what they're doing, they get the job done better.
That is what we’ll be doing in the Philippines. Working alongside our partners RedR Australia and RedR India, we will give Philippine nationals and international aid workers the potential to save lives.
But our plans do not stop there. We must provide more training to ensure the Philippines can recover swiftly, with the minimum of disease and deaths.
RedR UK CEO Martin McCann said: ‘We wish to thank everyone who has so far pledged cash to our Philippines appeal. 
‘But we must do more. Eleven million people have been affected by the disaster, including 4.5m who are without access to clean water for drinking and sanitation, and many whose homes have been swept away by ferocious winds. 
‘Your donations can help us to make sure people on the ground can respond to this urgent crisis, and help save lives.’
Help Philippine nationals and international aid workers save lives in the Philippines.
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If the funds raised from this appeal exceed RedR's requirements for its response to this emergency, remaining donations will be spent on our programmes which help communities prepare for and respond to similar disasters in the future.

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