Trek to Ancient Petra

Ancient Petra

Join a group of intrepid travellers to take on this once in a lifetime trek to Ancient Petra. Over 9 days, you'll trek through the stunning Jordanian desert, witnessing the famous wadis, camping under the stars and experiencing local culture, all before ending at the famous world UNESCO site and relaxing by the Dead Sea.

Meet RedR's staff and beneficiaries!

The trip also includes a unique day in Jordan's capital city where you'll get the chance to visit RedR's country office, meeting staff and beneficiaries of our work who are currently supporting the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

Why take part for RedR?

Join us and your support will help us to continue our vital work in the region, delivering training and expertise to thousands of aid workers. You can find out more about our work in Jordan and the Middle East here

The nitty gritty...

About: A unique chance to trek through the Jordanian desert to the ancient City of Petra - one of the most iconic sites in the world and an incredible feat of engineering. 

Where: Jordan

When: 21st - 29th October 2017 

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Registration Fee: £250

Sponsorship Target: £3200 (this includes all tour costs, food, accomodation and a donation to RedR split 50/50) *Your deposit is also included in this amount but you will need to book your own flight
It may seem like a lot but we promise you can get there with our support and with 6 months to go until the challenge takes place!

Sign up: For an information pack or to register, please email us, or call 020 7840 6025.

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