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Nepal: "There is nothing that I as a woman cannot do"

12 August 2015

Among the 16 participants who had gathered for a practical session on Safer Shelter Construction, one stood out: Kalpana Giri was the only woman taking part.
Kalpana Giri of Nepalese NGO PourakhiA Save the Children Cluster Coordinator at an NGO called Pourakhi Nepal, Kalpana was a part of the team that received training on Safer Shelter Construction facilitated by RedR for AWO International. She works for the Dakshini Kali Cluster. This area is predominantly inhabited by unmarried women or women whose husbands are migrant workers. These women receive training from the NGO Kalpana works for. 
"Being a woman has not stopped me from doing my work," she says. "Carpentry, masonry and other construction-related tasks are often thought of as a ‘man’s job’. However, I feel there is nothing that I as a woman cannot do. In fact, having attended this training, I am more confident than I ever was. I feel I am technically equipped to pass on my learning to the women of my community. 

Dakshini Kali witnessed severe damage in the wake of the earthquake and the aftershocks. And because the majority of population are women, it was women who had to start the basic construction work. I do not have a technical background. Yet I was able to learn a lot through the audio visuals and the practical sessions. The practical sessions during the training were a great learning experience. I am very happy to have learnt the techniques of ABCDE (Anchorage, Bracing, Continuity, Ductility and Enhancement)."

Please note that the above texts have been translated from Nepali. Our thanks to RedR India.

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