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Nepal: Your Support, Our Impact

24 July 2015

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors and partners in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes. With your help, we are training local NGO staff, government employees and community members, ensuring that they have the skills they need to help the people of Nepal recover from the earthquakes - and to prepare for and mitigate the impact of future disasters.

On behalf of all of those who will benefit from our work, thank you.

To date, 132 people have taken part in RedR training sessions. One example is the safe shelter construction Training of Trainers programme, which we ran for Save the Children and its partners in Dolakha District. Over nine days, twenty master masons and carpenters learnt resilient construction techniques and developed their own training skills.

Participants will be mentored by RedR experts as they begin to share their newly-acquired knowledge and skills with their colleagues and communities, thereby multiplying the impact of RedR’s work across the country.

The same training is currently underway in Kathmandu and preparations are ongoing for a follow-up session, due to take place in Mugling. RedR has also trained staff of AWO International in Kathmandu in resilient shelter construction.

With RedR, you can be sure that your donation makes a significant and sustainable difference to the lives of those affected by disaster. Thank you for your continued support.

Click below to see the training unfold. All photos © Sam Spickett for RedR India.

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