Mentoring Programme

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RedR is pleased to announce its new Mentoring Programme which aims to support individuals on their journey from learning to improved performance by partnering them with experienced humanitarians from the RedR Mentor Pool. 

Applications for the RedR Mentoring Programme are currently closed, and will reopen on August 21, 2017.

To be notified of the upcoming application window, please email

The programme will offer tailored support which may include learning support or help to implement changes, by addressing underlying attitudes. It will also enable individuals to understand what they want, and how they can achieve it. Each mentor will offer their mentee advice and share their experiences as well as encouraging the mentee to apply their learning to their specific role and career, thus helping them to achieve their professional goals.

The benefits of becoming a RedR Mentor:

  • Enhance your mentoring and leadership skills and further your professional development. 
  • Opportunity to help build the capacity of the humanitarian sector. 
  • Promote the growth and development of professionals working in humanitarian or development contexts.
  • Provide support to those with similar areas of work and interest 
  • A starting point for gaining experience, and an opportunity to be involved in further mentoring, coaching and other personal development schemes.  
  • Receive free high quality online mentor training

Our mentors will be drawn from the RedR UK, RedR India, RedR Australia, GWC membership pools, and private sector partners. These are individuals who may currently work for a humanitarian organisation (in HQ or field settings), have worked for a humanitarian organisation or have particularly valuable and transferable private sector experience. Our minimum requirement for mentors is that they have 5 years’ professional experience in a position of leadership, with at least 2 of these in a field that is transferrable to the humanitarian and development sectors. Mentors must have an interest and understanding of humanitarian work. Many of our mentors will exceed this experience.  

The benefits of becoming a RedR Mentee:

  • Receive advice, encouragement and support from a Mentor around areas such as team management, negotiation and work/life balance.
  • Work through tactics to manage relationships with other people.
  • Make sense of feedback from others and decide how to deal with it.
  • Receive help to develop a greater confidence.
  • The opportunity to share your challenges and brainstorm ways to overcome them with an independent counsel.
  • Obtain opportunities to network, visibility (access to senior management thinking).
  • There is no cost to becoming a RedR Mentee. The commitment is one hour per month for 3-6 months either face to face, by phone or Skype.

Mentees may be junior humanitarians, those looking to transition from the private sector to humanitarian response or those looking for greater support around leadership and management in the humanitarian sector. 

In order to benefit from the programme, we ask that mentees have a minimum of 3 years' professional experience, alongside a demonstrated commitment to the humanitarian sector (examples include completion of humanitarian training, volunteering or work experience)

Mentees will be asked to provide information on areas they wish to develop in the humanitarian field, focus areas for the mentoring support and any other information considered relevant. Mentors and mentees shall be matched in accordance with the information provided.

Both Mentors and Mentees will receive guidance on how to make the most of the Mentoring Programme.

To become a RedR Mentor, you will need to undertake a short training course, conducted over 4 days. The training will be hosted via an online platform, therefore you will be able to attend remotely from which ever location you are currently based. The training is free of charge to all Mentors. 

Take a look at one of our existing mentoring pairs here.

Applications for the RedR Mentoring Programme are currently closed, and will reopen on August 21, 2017.

For any further enquiries about the mentoring programme, or to be notified of the upcoming application window, please email