Adam Clark

Adam is an accomplished trainer and coach with a track record in helping people to be more effective and fulfilled in their work lives.  

He works with groups and individuals in the international humanitarian, development and corporate sectors, drawing on the management and analytical skills he developed in his first career as a civil engineer, working on projects in many parts of the world.    

He has worked on development and relief projects in Algeria, Turkey and Kosovo, and has trained operational and managerial humanitarian staff in numerous places, including Kenya, Senegal, DRC, Rwanda, and SE Asia.  

Adam helped to develop the training materials for the Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) Toolkit and has trained over 200 people to implement the process, working in both English and French.  He has also assisted in the production and delivery of training materials in cash programming, minimum economic recovery standards, training of trainers and coaching skills.

He trains in French and English, and speaks Turkish well.  He is accomplished at adapting training for groups where participants have varying degrees of competency in English.