Daniel Garcia Ibanez

Daniel evolved from the private IT & Telecoms sector to humanitarian world passing through some years as IT teacher in secondary formal education.

He has extensive field experience in humanitarian logistics with first line organizations as Médécins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Action Against Hunger (ACF).

Such familiarity with the humanitarian emergency response together with his formal pedagogical experience lead him to facilitate MSF Emergency Response Trainings and lately RedR Field Logistics in Emergency Course. 

Experienced in several Ebola outbreaks, Daniel has also delivered Ebola pre-departure trainings as WASH facilitator with both MSF and RedR organizations.

Deployed in many different emergency contexts (Syria, DRC, CAR, Mali, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Niger…) and singular atmospheres (epidemics, mass distributions, emergency health assistance, famines…) he is able to easily complement theoretical notions with a myriad of field examples.