Josephine Anthoine-Milhomme

Joséphine is a French Clinical Psychologist with a wide-range of humanitarian experiences spanning over the last fifteen years and based in Jordan since 2007.

Her focus is on mental health and more specifically on psychological treatments for trauma victims. 

Since two years, Joséphine works in freelance, offering her services as an expert trainer to humanitarian aid organisations (the Norwegian Refugee Council,  Action Contre la Faim, ICRC, Handicap International) to build capacities of staff dealing with refugees exposed to violence and displacement, or to participate to exploratory mission (in the Balkans for the migrants). 

Her areas of expertise as a trainer include: stress and self care of the humanitarian workers, psychological trauma, definitions and consequences of torture, how to relate with a survivor of violence? Helping children and families in war context, domestic violence in war context, psychological trauma of rape and sexual violence, how to conduct case management? Empathy, neurobiology of psychological trauma, credibility determination during interviews, counseling skills when dealing with a refugee who experienced violence

Previously, during four and half years in Jordan, Joséphine has worked as a Psychotherapist and Trainer with a centre providing treatments to survivors of torture and victims of violence (Iraqis and Syrians refugees). Before this, she has implemented and managed psychosocial projects in different locations (Jordan, Sri Lanka, Guatemala), worked in various contexts, including political conflict areas (Gaza Strip, Sri Lanka), as well with war refugees, providing direct care to them and building capacities for counterparts and counselors; she has worked in post-disaster contexts (tsunami, earthquake). As well, she managed some projects dealing with urban challenges (street children and youth in Madagascar and Guatemala).