Liesbeth Schockaert

Liesbeth is an accomplished trainer and legal advisor, specialised in humanitarian, human rights and refugee law. 

With her fourteen years of field experience in refugees camps (e.g. in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Chad) and urban displacement sites (e.g. in Southern Africa, the Balkans and the Caucasus, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia and Egypt), she has an ability to combine a good theoretical knowledge with concrete field examples and best practices. She has delivered trainings on protection of refugees and migrants, on the civilian character of humanitarian operations and the relation between military and humanitarian stakeholders and on more broadly humanitarian principles and values. Over the years Liesbeth has trained humanitarian workers, Red Cross staff and UN officials, border guards, military, national authorities and master students.

Liesbeth loves to engage with individuals and groups. She had conducted numerous participatory assessments and groups discussions and engages with groups during her trainings. Participants work together and learn from each other and learn to pose the critical questions needed in humanitarian operations.

Liesbeth has trained in English, French and Spanish and occasionally in her mother tongue, Dutch.