Lubna Khalil

Lubna was the Local Communities Centers Manager at the Jordan River Foundation. As manager, Ms. Qadomee technically and managerially oversaw the operations of the community mobilization and the interactive mediums units, serving families and children of local communities in East Amman and Aqaba. She was in charge of monitoring the delivered prevention and intervention services that are based on the women's and children's needs which a focal focus on PALA (Participatory Adult Learning Approach) with the community itself. While managing the local communities, Lubna prepared a proposal to operate and run the third expected community center in Irbid. 

 Previously, Ms. Qadomee was the manager of Dar Al Aman, which is the first center in Jordan to rehabilitate children who have been subjected to severe abuse. In addition, Ms. Qadomee has served as master trainer and consultant for issues related to Child Protection as she has many efforts in different countries besides Jordan such as Lebanon and Oman. Lubna also has experience in community empowerment, strategic planning and conducting need assessment.   

Recently, Lubna has joined the RedR and has been working as an associate trainer. She trained in a context program for workers in the humanitarian sectors.