Majdi Mustafa

Majdi is passionate about personal development, training, leadership and coaching. Majdi started his training journey back in 2010. He comes from the corporate sector, before settling in the Humanitarian sector.

Half of his experience is in the field in a leading position for a Shelter Program in the Urban Areas of Jordan, and the other half as a national technical training officer with INGO in Jordan: providing training, workshops and sessions on Protection, Anti-Corruption, Code of Conducts, Gender-based Violence, leadership, capacity-building, communication/feedback and negotiation skills, and conduct motivational and inspirational talks.

A native Arabic-speaker, Majdi delivers trainings in both English and Arabic.

"Staff development is as crucial as breathing, it’s a necessity in every dimension in life, in the humanitarian field is even more crucial, here, it helps the humanitarian aid worker to touch hearts," he says.