Mohamed Abdelwahab

Mohamed has been working with national and international humanitarian NGOs for more than 34 years, he is a certified Trainer in human development in a number of International Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations & Training Centre’s. Director of Oxford Consultancy and Training LTD (Trainer, Specialist & Consultant in TOT Development peace Affairs, Training, Teaching & Capacity building,  Microfinance, FGM & Gender Mainstreaming, Equality and Women's Empowerment).

He has been a RedR Associate Trainer for several years. As a Trainer, he is using his field experience to help participants get a genuine flavour of field life, and to find ways of approaching the challenges of international relief work. 

He travelled extensively, contributing to workshops, conferences and training courses in some 20 countries including Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algebra, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon UK, and The Netherlands.