Terms and Conditions Middle East

Obtaining a place:  

  • Unless otherwise stated on the course page, course bookings operate on a first come, first served basis. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you after we receive your application. All official correspondence concerning a course booking should be made in writing and sent by email, in order to ensure a clear record of the booking status.

Holding a place and payment: 

  • Training places are only fully confirmed upon receipt of the full course fee by RedR.
  • Payment is due no later than due 2 weeks before the start of the course. 
  • If two weeks before the course is due to start, payment has not been received and the course is oversubscribed, RedR reserves the right to cancel the participant’s place on this course. 
  • If payment has not been received at the start of the course, RedR reserves the right to refuse access to the course. 

Cancelling your booking:

  • For bookings cancelled two or more weeks before a course, administrative charges will apply. Applicants will be entitled to a refund of 85% of the course fees paid, or if places are available will be offered a transfer of 90% of the course fees paid onto the next instance of the course. 
  • For bookings cancelled one to ten working days* before a course begins, 25% of the course fee will be refunded (*during Jordan normal working days, Sunday-Thursday and working hours 9am-5pm).
  • For bookings cancelled less than 24 hours (working days only) before a course, or after a course has started, no refund will be provided.  
  • If the applicant chooses to transfer to another course and then cancels their booking a second time, neither a further transfer nor a refund will be offered.
  • The refund must be claimed within two months from the cancelled course start date.
  • Please note that unfortunately we are only able to cover our local bank charges and not the recipient’s bank charges when we make refunds.
  • Refunds may take up to 30 days.

Changing your booking:

  • If you are no longer able to attend a booked course, you may attend the next course if places are available. A 10% administrative charge will be applied to this transfer.  


  • No refund will be made for non-attendance on a course. Non-attendance includes: failure to cancel your place; cancelling your place after the close of normal office hours on the last working day before the course; failure to attend the course, and; informing us of cancellation following the start of the course.

Change of the course dates or cancellation by RedR: 

  • In the event that RedR has to change the course date or cancel the course due to under-subscription or other circumstances, you will be notified at least two weeks before the course is due to take place.
  • Nevertheless, there may be specific circumstances beyond our control (this may include but is not limited to, changes in the humanitarian context, insecurity, hazards or natural disasters) which force us to change the dates of a course or cancel last-minute.
  • If the course dates are changed, you may request a full refund of the course fees if the new dates are not convenient.
  • If a course is cancelled you will receive a full refund of all course fees paid.  
  • We are unable to reimburse any other costs that may have been incurred, including flights, accommodation etc.

Individuals requiring a visa:

  • RedR recommends that individuals requiring a visa do not book courses less than 8 weeks before the start date.
  • Cancellations due to visa refusals will be treated following the below cancellation guidelines.
  • No training applications requiring a visa will be accepted for courses of less than 3 days in duration.
  • For visa purposes, a letter of confirmation will be provided upon request but only upon receipt of a completed booking form and full payment of course fees. The letter will be emailed to the applicant only. RedR cannot send letters to embassies, high commissions, or consulates.
  • Applicants should ensure that they are able to meet the conditions for entry into Jordan before applying for a course. 
  • RedR cannot offer advice on specific cases or visa requirements.