Organisation discount schemes

Early bird bookings

Book and pay for a course a month in advance of the start date and you will receive a 10% discount off the course fees.

Discount will automatically be issued at time of payment for online payments or applied to invoices; all you need to do is ensure that fees are paid at least one month in advance of the course start date.  The early bird applies to courses in the UK open programme* and cannot be used in conjunction with the loyalty scheme. Where bookings are eligible for more than one discount, the larger discount will always be awarded.

In the event that you are no longer able to attend the course, our usual cancellation policy applies.

Organisational loyalty account

Organisations who regularly book staff and volunteers on to the RedR training programmes can benefit from the Organisational Loyalty Scheme.

Receive 1/3 off the cost of every third person you send on a training course.

To take advantage of this offer, organisations are required to register for an Organisational Loyalty Account. You will need to identify a key contact to be named on the account; usually the person most likely to book training courses. Once confirmed, we will issue this individual with an account number to be used when booking, along with additional information to ensure you get the most out of your account.

Ideally, this individual will make all course bookings, quoting their name and account number, however we realise this might not be practical for all organisations. In cases where this is not possible, we will rely on the key contact to share the account details enabling others to make bookings.

This is a rolling discount, meaning bookings can be made in bulk or individually and for any course offered in the UK training Programme. We will monitor the number of bookings made through the account and apply discounts accordingly at the time of booking. Please note that the booking tally will commence once the account has been opened and discounts cannot be applied retroactively in the case of organisations.

Large-scale organisations will be required to hold accounts for each office location or department, especially where decisions regarding training attendance are made independently.

Only one discount can be used for each person being booked on to a course. Therefore, if booking three places simultaneously an in time for the Early Bird discount, persons one and two will receive the Early Bird discount (10%, subject to payment being received 1 month before the course starts) and person three will receive the loyalty scheme discount (33%).

For more information about any of these schemes please contact the RedR training team via



*Loyalty discounts do not apply and cannot be used for speciality courses including Security Week and WASH Week (where other multiple booking discounts are applied).

The schemes do not apply to tailor-made training, please contact our tailor-made team to discuss pricing and promotions for these course.

The loyalty scheme is not retroactive and although you can accrue discounts for courses attended in the past we cannot reimburse individuals or organisations for discounts they may have been able to claim on courses attended prior to the launch of these initiatives.