Paul Sherlock, OBE

Paul Sherlock, OBE

Job title: Trustee
Area of expertise: WASH and humanitarian aid

Education/sector Background:

Paul Sherlock recently retired from Oxfam as Senior Humanitarian Representative after 36 years with the organisation. A mechanical engineer and technical teacher by training, Paul spent 9 years in industry before joining Oxfam in 1975.

Area of interest:

In his time with Oxfam, Paul carried out several hundred emergency assignments worldwide. He was also the UNICEF member of the High Level Experts Panel on Water and Disasters, a sub panel of the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water.

Paul has always been passionate about supporting people with the provision of clean water and sanitation and passing on his knowledge. Paul takes great interest in supporting engineers who want to do the same.

Paul was awarded an OBE in 1993 and became a visiting Professor at the University of Surrey in 2002. On retirement, the BBC presented him with a Gold Blue Peter badge.

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