Central Asia

From our regional office in Islamabad, Pakistan, RedR UK is working to respond to emergencies, while building the capacity of communities to prepare for disasters, save lives when they strike, and not only recover but build back better in their aftermath.


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Pakistan is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes, which have in recent years destroyed homes and communities and left millions of people internally displaced.
The security situation in the country also remains volatile. Bombings and attacks on schools and humanitarian workers by armed militia groups are a threat to communities - and challenge efforts to improve lives and prospects.
Our Programme
In Pakistan, we train those who are first to respond to both natural and man-made disasters.
Because of significant challenges faced by international organisations who attempt to reach affected populations, a growing number of local organisations and government departments are left to deliver urgently-needed aid, including shelter, water and sanitation. 
Their workers are dedicated, but often inexperienced, or lacking in certain skills. We provide training to enable them to deal with emergencies, and to prepare for future disasters. 
See the impact of our work in Pakistan
Pakistan First aid better
Primary-school children learn first aid as part of the Safer Schools programme © Usman Ghani for RedR UK

Through our Safer Schools programme, teachers working in high-risk regions are trained in first aid, disaster risk reduction, fire safety, safe evacuation and psychosocial support. They go on to share these skills with colleagues and pupils who, in turn, pass on the knowledge to parents and other community members. In this way, life-saving skills are shared through entire communities.
We are also training communities to work collaboratively to mitigate the effects of flooding - and how to respond when floods occur.
Our work in the wider region
We can also conduct training in other states across the region. In the wake of the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory, in Savar, Bangladesh, we developed and delivered specifically-targeted Search and Rescue and Disaster Preparedness training for local aid workers, government employees and community members. You can learn more here.
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