About Us

RedR International

RedR UK is part of a federation of national accredited RedR organisations who share a common vision and mission.

RedR UK is part of RedR International, an international federation of organisations that share a common vision and mission.

As well as RedR UK, there are currently RedR organisations in:

We are also registered in the USA.

When relevant and practically feasible, RedR UK works with the other members of RedR International to provide a coordinated response (examples include Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and the 2015 Nepal earthquakes).

RedR International:

  • Was established to support the achievement of RedR's vision and mission;
  • Supports, promotes, accredits and monitors RedR member organisations;
  • Is governed by the General Assembly of Members which are elected by and from the governing bodies of the accredited RedRs, plus co-opted members;
  • Is an Association under Swiss Law, registered in Geneva.

RedR's History

RedR UK was founded in 1980 following Peter Guthrie’s experiences working in a refugee camp during the Vietnamese Boat People crisis.