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Isobel Byrne Hill

Area of expertise: Civil Engineering

Isobel-Bryne-Hill-(1).JPGBackground: Isobel is a Chartered Civil Engineer with Arup, and has 18 years’ experience as a structural designer and project manager on a variety of different building and transport infrastructure projects.

Areas of interest: Isobel has been a RedR Member for 15 years. Since being unable to go on assignment herself, she set up the team that organised the first Wear Red for RedR fundraising day.

She has been involved in a number of development projects, including leading a team of volunteers on a 3-month placement with Health Projects Abroad in rural Tanzania. She subsequently supported three other schools in Tanzania since then with fundraising and technical advice. She also worked in the Arup International Development team for a year which included being project manager for the Arup UNOPS partnership.

Isobel has also been an elected Local Councillor and a School Governor.  She is keen to raise the profile of humanitarianism and engineering in public life, and has done  herself as a parliamentary candidate in the UK General Elections in 2015 and 2017.

A key motivating factor in becoming engineers for many of younger staff members is the potential to contribute to development or humanitarianism, which became clear to her when she set up and ran the Rapid Response Engineering Challenge (an interactive day for school pupils subsequently bought by the CITB). Isobel believes there is a huge appetite within many engineering organisations to use the skills they offer effectively in humanitarian disaster situations, and as a board member she will seek to increase opportunities for active collaboration in what is an increasingly professionalised sector.