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What do participants think about our COVID-19 courses?

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At RedR UK, we strongly believe that training saves lives. Last month, we trained 705 people in the UK to make sure they have access to accurate accessible, up to date and contextually specific information about how to prevent COVID-19, stop misinformation and promote care for mental health.

As of today we have held 46 training courses in Hygiene Promotion, Myth Busting and Stress Management, all delivered for free and live by some of our amazing trainers. We have trained 705 people from international organisation such as Oxfam to members of the NHS and the MOD to volunteers in local mutual aid groups, with many passing on their new knowledge and skills to other members of their community. 

We are so proud of all the participants, their enthusiasm and hard work - congratulations! Below are just a few of the testimonies from participants from different courses. 

Neil Barry, Humanitarian Expert

"Super-gifted trainer - Stephanie Hill - who is a complete natural on Zoom but aside from that - interesting, engaging, remarkably participative in this means of communicating and really knows her topic. Made the whole thing fun, practical and use of clips, white board etc....if anything even better than being in the classroom. I'm VERY impressed. Thank you :)" Neil Barry provides humanitarian consultancy services to the UN, Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, DFID etc.

Jarina Choudhury, Volunteering Development Consultant at NCVO

"Really great to be among NGO workers - I work for a domestic national charity in England so the mix of participants and hearing their experiences was really interesting and unusual for me. There was some very helpful tips around counteracting rumours/myths and that is going to be extremely useful for me in my job because I write web guidance on Covid. Really valuable way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you for the opportunity to attend. Amazing that it's free too!" 

Shulamit Morris-Evans, Volunteer Mutual Aid Group

“So grateful to RedR for providing engaging, participatory training in these times of COVID-19. The session today on Myth Busting really helped me parse the different motivations and emotions that fuel the spread of rumours and myths and taught me useful ways to go about tackling them. The three steps of “Listen, verify and engage” have provided me with a valuable framework to use when faced with these situations, plus resources like a rumour log to help me apply them in practice. The session was delivered with impeccable timing and excellent use of Zoom functionality and was a stimulating and enjoyable experience. Many thanks, RedR!”

Melissa O’Carroll, Marketing Lead & Mutual Aid Volunteer

Melissa O'Carroll is our first Milestone badge recipient! This digital badge from HPass recognises Melissa's hard work in completing all 3 of our COVID-19 courses and showcases the skills and knowledge learnt. "These courses helped me apply a new lens to how I approach and assess communication, perception and response to change, in myself, my team and others. The blend of psychology, and practical 'takeaway' tools like 'reframing' made these courses very valuable and immediately applicable."