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Creating partnerships that have a lasting impact

We enjoy working collaboratively and are always happy to discuss ways we can work with others to build humanitarian capacity worldwide.

By becoming a partner, you will be providing the vital support we need to ensure that we can continue to deliver life-saving training to frontline humanitarian workers, supporting people all over the world.

Help us to train and support life savers.

The support of our partners enables us to deliver essental life-saving training in topics like: Safety and Security, Humanitarian Principles, Shelter, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Capacity Building, Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction. 

There are few charities that really get to the heart of major global challenges in the same way as RedR. Not only does RedR provide immediate relief when disaster strikes, but it also addresses the needs of the people involved for years after and, increasingly, in anticipation of a catastrophic event. Usually unsung, RedR quietly goes about providing aid and succour to thousands of people across the globe with patience, understanding and skill.

John Pelton MBE

Director, Programme Delivery Partner Highways England at CH2M

Why become a corporate partner?

A partnership with RedR gives your company a unique opportunity to support not just one agency, but the global humanitarian community as a whole.

Each year, RedR provides training and support to thousands of aid workers, agencies, local communities and governmental actors, helping to build the capacity of the humanitarian sector. Few charities can offer corporate partners the chance to make such an impact - or to reach so many people through their support.

Our partnerships also offer the chance to demonstrate your values and commitment to staff and stakeholders, and to develop unique staff engagement opportunities.

Why become a corporate partner?

Who we work with

Our work supporting disaster-prone and affected communities resonates across the private sector, from engineering and construction firms to the insurance market. These firms understand the importance of building resilience amongst at risk communities, and how vital it is to be prepared for and able to respond to disasters when they strike.

See our current corporate supporters and find out how they are making a difference to our work.

How you can support us

There are many ways your business can work with us, from strategic multi-year partnerships to supporting a one off emergency appeal. We work on a bespoke basis with each and every supporter to ensure the partnership has maximum benefits for both us and you.

Find out more  or contact the team to discuss how we can work with you.

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