Serpentine Swim

Fundraising Event

Swim Serpentine is a one-day open water swimming festival staged in the heart of London.

Organised by London Marathon Events, the festival is held in and around the beautiful Serpentine in Hyde Park, the venue for the open water swimming competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

RedR UK have places for the one mile swim, there will be 1/2 mile and 2 mile races also on the day.

Registration Fee: £39

Fundraising Target: £200

Course Overview

Course Length
1 day

Swim 1 mile for Disaster Relief

A classic distance in the world of open water swimming events. Swim Serpentine takes place on the same course as the London 2012 Marathon Swimming Olympic event, with one full lap around the Serpentine making up the one-mile swim. This is the most popular of all the swim distances for Swim Serpentine with swimmers taking anything from 20 minutes through to one hour to complete the swim.

Swim 1 mile for Disaster Relief


Swim for RedR UK and provide skills for disaster relief