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Ivan Williams

I first heard about RedR through my company and its charity arm, The Mace Foundation, which has been supporting RedR since 2013.

My initial ‘toe in the water’ experiences came through an office Wear Red day and bake sales. These events helped to raise not just funds, but awareness within the company about RedR’s fantastic humanitarian work, and certainly got me interested in doing more. Cake generally tends to get my attention!

In 2016 I had the opportunity to make a bigger difference by taking part in the London Marathon, raising almost £3,000. It also allowed me to tick something I’d wanted to do for years off my bucket list. I guess it was win-win!

In spite of many early-morning and late-night training runs, the tiredness and the aching body parts (you find yourself questioning your own sanity at times), there is an enormous sense of accomplishment when you cross that finish line. For me this came not only from collecting a finisher’s medal but also from knowing that my efforts had contributed to making the lives of people facing hardships far greater than a marathon a little easier.

Ivan Williams

Luke Willis

Former soldier Luke was inspired by his experiences of helping civilians in conflict zones to run the London Marathon in support of RedR UK.

He managed to rack up over £1,400, as well as £500 in matched funding from his employer: RedR Patron firm, Mace Group. A unique and informed perspective

Luke’s past experience provides him with a unique and informed perspective on RedR’s work: "Prior to working for Mace I spent six years as an officer in the British Army and have witnessed first-hand the effect that war has on innocent civilians caught in the middle of a conflict." 

Since leaving the army I have worked for Mace for five years and have become aware of the excellent work RedR do every day around the word to help people affected by natural disasters and conflicts. One such appeal that particularly resonated with me was the Nepal earthquake relief appeal. I spent my honeymoon in Nepal visiting a number of affected areas such as Kathmandu, Pokara and the Annapurna range. I have met the people, experienced their generous hospitality, despite ) existing in what we would consider to be unacceptable conditions, and all with a huge smile on their faces."

Luke Willis

Joy Ezekiel

That was my mantra whenever anyone talked about Machu Picchu.  Then my husband, who is an engineer with BP America, told me that BP had teamed with RedR and were advertising a trekking challenge, and did I want to go?  I signed up immediately and set about the daunting task of fundraising.  For me, that was the real challenge – I’ve always hated asking people for money - but it was amazing and humbling how many people were willing to donate once they heard about the fantastic work that RedR does around the world. 

Trekking in Peru was just amazing.  It was superbly organized, and even the nights camping in the freezing cold at 15,000 feet were exhilarating!  The leaders and participants were all incredibly supportive and I made lifelong friends along the way.  The sense of personal achievement was tremendous, and the fact that we raised something like $250,000 made it all worthwhile.

So when the Great Wall of China trek was announced for the following year I was first on the list!  This was certainly a huge challenge for me…. all those steps!  But again, the support of the RedR team and my fellow trekkers got me through the tough days.  Another wonderful group of like-minded people, many of whom I have kept in touch with.

RedR gives me opportunities to raise money for a worthwhile cause, visit wondrous parts of the world, and make new friendships.  Above all, RedR enables me to do these things in a safe and well-organized manner.”

Joy Ezekiel


Let us know if you want to run, cycle, juggle, swim - anything for RedR!