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RedR Big 40

Join us to celebrate our 40th anniversary

RedR UK is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. We have come a long way since 1980 when we were founded as the Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief, to the renowned capacity building NGO we are today. We had big plans to mark our anniversary but unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we won’t be in a position to celebrate as we would have wished. Ingenious, practical and responsive as we always are, we came up with a plan B. To celebrate our past and plan for the exciting future, we are organising the virtual ‘RedR Big 40’ Challenge. The premise is simple:

Step 1 - do/make/think of a challenge centered around the number 40 – Do 40 squats! Bake 40 cup cakes (don’t eat all of them)! Run for 40 mins (I wanted to say 40km but then I thought again!)! Eat 40 strawberries! Go creative and use your imagination!

Step 2 – post the photo/video of your challenge on your social media and tag @RedRUK and #RedRbig40

Step 3 – donate whatever you can or get others to sponsor you on our

Step 4 – nominate 4 people (or more) to follow your steps and do their own challenge

This way we all get to contribute and ensure that RedR UK has funds and means to continue their amazing, life-saving work for the next 40 years. And as a cherry on top, you get to have a little celebratory fun in the process!

Happy 40th Anniversary RedR UK and many more successful years to come!

Some of our amazing participants' challenges in action!
Some of our amazing participants' challenges in action!
The stats so far!
The stats so far!

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