RedR Petra Trek!

In October 2017 10 brave souls from RedR corporate supporter firms (and RedR’s very own Adele Atiyah) collectively trekked over 1000km through the Jordanian Desert to Ancient Petra…

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Well, what if we also told you the challenge included traversing 100km each across steep mountainsides, battling desert heat and sun, climbing boulders and steep ascents, as well as tolerating (not really…) everyone’s snoring and smells whilst living in close quarters for the week.

Obviously, to want to do something like that, the group needed a strong motivating force (separate from having a death wish!); the group were spurred on by the knowledge they were fundraising for RedR UK.  Through asking for sponsorship the team have already managed to raise over £33,000 to date for RedR, which will support RedR’s essential humanitarian training programme training local communities and aid workers so that they can respond to disasters safely and effectively.

This was particularly bought home for the trekkers at the start of the trek as they were able to witness some of the training first hand in Amman, meeting trainers and participants, as well as completing a tough emergency response simulation.

Richard Stacey, who has undertaken many challenges on behalf of RedR said this about his fundraising: “Before the trek itself, during my fundraising efforts, speaking to people about the challenge of walking to Petra across the desert left them thinking we were a bit daft. It certainly got people’s attention and helped them think about the work RedR does in terms of helping to provide essentials like water and shelter, both of which are scarce and much needed in the desert."

After navigating the rocky desert terrain and mountains for five days, the team was finally rewarded by the incredible sight of one of the seven modern world wonders, Petra, making the arduous experience well worth it.

Adele, the RedR charity representative on the trip, said: "I’m so grateful for all the fundraisers, for not only their hard work and determination fundraising before the trek, but also completing the challenge with such great enthusiasm. And of course, to all the individuals for providing such a great atmosphere, ensuring everyone was laughing the whole way.”

"From day one the enormity of the challenge was apparent; the heat, the terrain, the distance, all feeling like it would overwhelm us. But we pulled together. Through joking, laughing, encouragement and sharing, we quickly became a close knit group of friends, having previously never met. This, along with the breath taking scenery and desire to see more and more of what Jordan had to offer, ultimately took us all to our goal of reaching Petra, having seen some truly stunning and unique natural features on the way. This was, without doubt, one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.”

Richard Stacey

Serial RedR Fundraiser and Petra Trekker 2017

A huge thank you!

Thanks to the following for their support

Simon, Phil, Natasha, Sagnik, Kushal, Joy, Claire, Richard, Sal and Michaelene.

And of course to Hannah and Christina from Discover Adventure for all their hard work!

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