SimEx 2018

Three days - 10 sites - 600 actors - 2,000 participants

SimEx 2018 is the UK’s largest annual international disaster response exercise and this year RedR will be taking a leading role in its facilitation.

SimEx brings together dozens of organisations involved in disaster response at home and abroad, from the UK International Search and Rescue Team (ISAR) to the Met Office, and from the RNLI to the United Nations - all with a view to increasing the effectiveness of disaster preparedness and response, improving inter-agency coordination, and achieving greater consistency in the training for humanitarian and emergency response. 

Effective preparation is key to effective humanitarian response

Participants will work as part of NGO teams to collect, analyse, and disseminate information, work with local populations, and navigate complex environments to gain a hands-on understanding of the breaking days of an emergency.

Course Content

■    Needs assessment in emergencies
■    Communicating with affected populations
■    Negotiating humanitarian access
■    Inter-agency coordination
■    Accountability to affected communities
■    Personal safety and security
■    Travel safety

Effective preparation is key to effective humanitarian response

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The course begins with 3 days of face-to-face training in RedR’s London office, followed by a 3-day disaster simulation in Portsmouth, UK.

The evaluation of the simulation is just as important as the exercise itself. A team of evaluators will observe the exercise, and the information they gather will be collated, analysed, and made available to the wider humanitarian community

Katie Robertson

Programme Manager