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Sub-Saharan Africa and Sudan

Sub-Saharan Africa

From our offices in Nairobi, Kenya, we provide training and support to NGOs and individual humanitarians working across the Sub-Saharan Africa region, helping them to prepare for - and reduce the impact of - disasters, respond to emergencies, and save and improve lives.

Since 2011, RedR UK has provided capacity-building and technical expertise for humanitarian actors in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Chad, Madagascar, Somalia, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic (CAR), Rwanda, Senegal, and South Sudan.  

We offer both open courses and tailor-made solutions for humanitarian indviduals and organisation. Our courses are delivered by a pool of almost 40 highly experienced, professional humanitarian experts and trainers, who are able to provide humanitarian capacity-building and technical expertise in Somali, Kiswahili, French and English.

Sub-Saharan Africa

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To learn more about RedR UK in Sub-Saharan Africa or to discuss the possibility of working together, please get in touch: 

Email: SSA.courses@redr.org.uk

Telephone: +254 (0)790 200 174

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My knowledge gap has been bridged, and the attitude that I had towards security has also changed a lot. Before I thought that security was a one-off thing which should be dealt with by the security officer, but now I see that with proper training everyone can manage their own security and the security of their team.

Charity Kola, Field Manager for FilmAid in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya

Charity attended RedR's 'Field Travel Safety' training in 2016


From our national HQ in Khartoum, and our Darfur office in El Fasher, RedR UK contributes to the effectiveness of humanitarian action in Sudan by building the capacity of individuals, organisations, and the community.

We offer regular face-to-face open training courses delivered by experienced humanitarians and are able to offer a  wide range of Tailor-made capacaity building services to organisations. We also provide technical advice across a range of disciplines including WASH and Safety and Welfare. 

RedR UK also implements large-scale, grant funded capacity-building programmes in Sudan, including enhancing WASH capacity at national, state and locality level. We have also also played a leading role in the development of the Sudan National Sanitation and Hygiene Strategic Framework (SNSHSF) which, once finalised, will guide all sanitation and hygiene efforts across the country. 


Training in Sudan

View all RedR UK courses in Sudan for 2020 by downloading our training calendar. Available in English and Arabic - just click on the link below.

Contact us

To learn more about RedR UK in Sudan or to discuss the possibility of working together, please get in touch: 

Email: sudan.admin@redr.org.uk

Telephone: +249 (0)15488 4467

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