The Humanitarian Context in Sudan

According to the 2017 Sudan Humanitarian Needs Overview, 4.8 million people in Sudan* are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Decades of conflict, compounded by socio-economic and climatic factors, have led to large-scale, protracted displacement within the country's borders - and caused significant challenges relating to food, shelter, WASH, health, and livelihoods. 

Currently, an estimated 2.3 million people in Sudan are internally displaced. In line with its tradition of hospitality, Sudan also hosts refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, and Yemen. Since fighting broke out in neighbouring South Sudan in December 2013, 351,000 South Sudanese refugees have crossed the border into Sudan (including 46,000 in the first three months of 2017) - all of which puts additional pressure on the country's already limited resources and infrastructure. 

Although humanitarian needs across the country are acute, this chronic crisis receives little international attention, and relief efforts are consistently under-funded.

*Sudan has a total population of 39.6 million.

2.3 million people in Sudan are internally displaced
2.3 million people in Sudan are internally displaced
RedR's Sudan Programme

What We Do

RedR UK has been providing high-quality training and capacity-building for humanitarian actors working in Sudan since 2005. From our offices in Khartoum and El Fasher, North Darfur, RedR UK is working to enable Sudanese organisations, international aid agencies, government employees, and community members to respond to the needs of people affected by poverty and conflict - and to improve the quality of humanitarian programming across the country. We have a pool of dozens of local trainers, all experts in their field, who travel across the country to deliver vital training.

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What We Do

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Some important statistics  for 2017
Some important statistics for 2017
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Our Services

  • We offer regular face-to-face open training courses in Khartoum and El Fasher. Courses last between one and five days. Topics covered include: needs assessment, proposal- and report-writing, management (of people, projects, finance and information), monitoring and evaluation, disaster risk reduction, first aid, safety and security, humanitarian principles and practice, WASH, logistics, and training of trainers. We are constantly updating our course catalogue as needs evolve. 
  • Tailor-made training: For organisations looking to train several members of staff and/or partners, with specialist needs or limited time, or working in remote field locations, our tailor-made training is the most effective way to meet your objectives. We can deliver our existing courses in-house, tailor any of our modules to your needs, or devise an entirely new solution to meet your organisation's specific objectives.
  • We provide technical advice across a range of disciplines including WASH, and Safety and Welfare, along with support for organisational development covering systems, processes and tools.
  • We work with organisations and their partners to design tailored staff development programmes. These may include learning needs assessment, mentoring, coaching, training of trainers, online and/or remote learning, facilitation of workshops, and simulations.
  • We implement large-scale grant-funded capacity-building programmes that support the humanitarian community as a whole. In 2014, RedR responded to a request from UNICEF to conduct a country-wide assessment of humanitarian WASH capacity. The results were used to draw up a capacity-building framework, which we are now implementing - as part of a wider project that aims to build WASH capacity at national, state and local level. Read more here.

In Sudan, we are working to build water, sanitation and hygiene capacity

at national, state and locality level, through three complementary projects

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"Completely amazing. High-quality training, best trainers." - Muhammed Faisal, UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology, Sudan

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