Key Projects

INSO IV: Safety and Security

In 2016, RedR UK's Sub-Saharan Africa office partnered with the International NGO Safety Organisation on the fourth phase of an ECHO-funded collaboration.

INSO (the International NGO Safety Organisation) provides a range of services to NGOs, including incident management, database and security alerts. With INSO's support, RedR is providing security training to organisations working across Kenya, offering courses at all staff levels and covering a range of topics from 'Driver Safety and Basic First Aid' to 'Strategic Security Management'.  

A long and fruitful partnership

"RedR acknowledges the  long and fruitful working relationship it has had with INSO in Kenya for the last three years," says Sophie Nyokabi, Team Leader in RedR's Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office. "Through this collaboration, RedR has worked with over 115 local and international organisations to visibly impact more than 130 participants in 2016 alone. This is a great opportunity for RedR to be such a significant catalyst for humanitarian workers and organisations - all thanks to INSO's support. INSO, we could not have achieved this without you!" 

To date, twelve training courses have been delivered in six locations across Kenya, reaching 136 trainees. The INSO-IV project will run until December 2016, by which point RedR will have trained 380 participants, the majority of whom are national staff. 

Meet the trainees

Discover how the project is helping aid workers in Kenya re-think their approach to security

'Personal Safety and Security in the Field' training, Nairobi, October 2016.
'Personal Safety and Security in the Field' training, Nairobi, October 2016.

The benefit of this training was really the practical work. The learning is instant. And because you’ve engaged in a simulation yourself, you remember it [...] It all comes back to the issue that security lives in the organisation; we realise now that without good security plans even half of what we are doing can’t be achieved.

Caleb Odhiambo, Save the Children

Caleb attended RedR's 'Field Travel Safety' training in October 2016, as part of the INSO-IV project

Our Partners

The INSO-IV project is being implemented with the support of the European Commission - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO).