Security Incident Information Management (SIIM)

The Security Incident Information Management Handbook

The SIIM Handbook

A new handbook for aid agencies.

Do aid agencies understand the security context in which they work and its implications for staff and operations?

Do aid agencies gather enough information on the full range of security incidents?

Do headquarter staff act on available information in strategic planning decisions?

These questions, and more, are answered in the Security Incident Information Management Handbook, a free downloadable resource sharing best practice, guidelines, tools and recommendations to enhance organisational security incident information management.

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        To ensure that maximum impact on the humanitarian sector the SIIM Handbook has been translated into French, Arabic and Spanish.

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The SIIM User Guide

The SIIM Handbook User Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the SIIM Handbook. It is a document which enables staff to access the parts of the handbook which are most relevant to them, their position within the organisation and what they want to know.

The User Guide is available in four languages at the links below. 

User Guide - English
User Guide - French
User Guide - Spanish
User Guide - عربى