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The Humanitarian Context in the Middle East

The MENA region has been facing serious humanitarian challenges since 2012 due to man-made and natural threats. In particular, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen have been the focus of international action and response.

Because of the prolonged nature of these crises, and the lack of an obvious resolution, donor fatigue as well as host community/country fatigue has set in. The UN estimates that there will be a 50% to 75% shortfall in donations to the MENA region to support their response efforts for the upcoming year.

The international community is now turning their focus to National NGOs (NNGOs) and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) to ensure continued support is provided to vulnerable populations after the international community presence recedes. The identification and development of resilient, sustainable, and responsible local organisations is one way to transition from humanitarian response to recovery efforts.

RedR's MENA Programme

What We Do

RedR's MENA office is loated in Amman, Jordan. Our work in the region focuses on identifying NNGOs and CBOs that will benefit from capacity-building efforts and partner with them to strengthen their resilience, sustainability, and impact. We run open courses, tailor-made courses, and grant-funded projects in Jordan and across the region.

“We know that the only way to ensure an effective medium- to long-term response after a crisis is to invest in the capacity of local actors,” says Country Director Sabrina M. Segal. “We are developing new and innovative learning programmes focused on national and community-based organisations that will strengthen their core skills, knowledge, and abilities not only supporting their foundation but making them more responsive and responsible partners for international donors."

What We Do

We are the local capacities; all these guidelines and standards are for us. The power is in our hands, because we are the ones who are dealing immediately with the beneficiaries.

Ayat Al-Khateeb, Programme Manager with the NGO Response for Needs

Ayat attended 'Management and Leadership' training as part of the 'Context' programme in 2016

Tailor-Made Support

Are you looking for a bespoke solution to training or consulting needs in your organisation? 

We can provide our existing courses in-house, tailor any of our modules to your context, or devise an entirely new solution to suit your needs. We can also provide tecnical experts to support capacity-building within your organisation. Get in touch to discuss what RedR can do for you!

Tailor-Made Support

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To learn more about RedR's activities in MENA or to discuss the possibility of working together, please contact us at middle.east@redr.org.uk or at the address below:

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The training has been very useful, particularly the sessions on risk analysis, and data collection and security of information. I was just thinking about how to share what I’ve learned with my field-based colleagues, especially the community representatives.

Omar Mahammad, Community Mobilisation Coordinator with the NGO International Relief and Development (IRD) in Za’atari refugee camp

Omar took part in RedR's 'Protection' training in Amman, Jordan, in October 2016