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RedR UK offers free, innovative, high-quality online training to climate responders in East Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Get equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to and advocate for improved action around climate change and disaster risk reduction.

This is an interactive online course on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, an online course with a mix of live and asynchronous (offline) content every week, delivered on RedR UK’s dedicated e-learning platform. You'll need to commit around 5 -7 hours a week, for six weeks.

This course will equip you to:

  • Describe climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and how to incorporate these practices in your organisation’s operations;
  • Discuss key factors associated with climate science;
  • Describe relevant implementation and operational activities for climate change;
  • Explain communication methods with stakeholders about your climate activities;
  • Discuss practical climate change and DRR measures for relevant sectors, including health, agriculture and livelihoods.

Could this course transform your work?
This course is designed for people at management level in NGOs, humanitarian organisations, local and national government, or private sector, with a climate change and/or disaster response remit within East Africa, South Asia or Southeast Asia. The course will be delivered in English via Zoom.

2024 Training Dates:

Main Programme: six-week online facilitated training

Build your skills in responding to and advocating for improved action around climate chanage adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Click here to apply for a free place on our flagship programme.

Click the dates below to register for a place on the programme:

East Africa:

Southeast Asia:

South Asia:

Add-on modules: 3-6 hour online facilitated training

Develop supplemental knowledge and skills in critical climate areas. Click on the date to book your place for $20 USD per training.

Forecast-based Financing (three hours):

Adaptation Funding (three hours):

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (three hours):

Locally-led Adaptation Strategies (three hours):

Climate Risk Assessments (three hours):

Anticipatory Action - live session (three hours) plus simulation exercise (three hours):

In-Person Proposal Writing Training - four-day face-to-face training

Learn how to develop high quality climate change proposals for donors. Click here to apply for a free bursary place on an in-person training.

Nairobi: Climate Proposal Writing:

4-7 March 2024

Dhaka: Climate Proposal Writing:

15-18 April 2024

The Philippines: Climate Proposal Writing:

13-16 May 2024


More information and active links to follow.

HPass Badging  

For each module, RedR UK is also offering HPass Badging. An HPass badge is a digital indicator of achievement, and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience. You can receive a badge for each module and if you complete all three of RedR UK’s Covid-19 modules, you will receive a milestone badge. More information on HPass Badging can be found here. If you are interested in receiving a badge, please contact us at  

HPass Badging