Proposal and Report Writing

Face-to-Face Training, Kenya

Proposal and report writing serve important functions in humanitarian agencies and are common and necessary tasks for staff in various levels and roles throughout the organisation.

Nevertheless, writing proposals and reports can be challenging. The ability of NGOs to deliver aid is dependent on their access to funds, and the quality of project proposals determines whether or not funds are ultimately received. Reports must analyze the information that is presented, draw consistent conclusions, and make sensible and practical recommendations, otherwise they risk falling short of their objective.

It is essential for the operation of humanitarian programmes that organisations have the capacity to write and design high quality project proposals and reports. This course will analyse and unpack the elements that make for an effective and successful proposal. Participants will be introduced to best practices in proposal writing, helping them to develop their knowledge, skills and efficacy in writing, presenting and defending proposals. Report writing will also be covered, equipping participants with techniques for writing clear and engaging reports that encourage the reader to act upon their recommendations.

Course content:

  • Elements of proposals and reports: structure and components
  • Tools for planning and preparation
  • Formal and informal reporting
  • Identifying proposal purpose and understanding donor requirements
  • Writing skills, including language, layout, format, structure, flow and finishing
  • Common mistakes and best practices

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at programme officers, managers, and other humanitarian staff whose roles involve producing proposals and reports for their organisation.

Fee information: $800

How to apply:
Please contact or call us on +254 (0)719 249920.

Course Overview

Course Length
4 days