e-Shelter in Urban Emergencies


e-Shelter in Urban Emergencies


This online Shelter in Urban Emergencies course has been developed with the support and guidance of experienced Shelter practitioners from leading humanitarian agencies. It will help Shelter humanitarians with limited experience of working in an urban context to explore and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively in the early stages of an urban emergency.


This course is designd for Shelter humanitarians, with practical experience in the field. Participants should have an interest in working in an urban emergency response and have some experience in the humanitarian and/or development sector. This course presupposes a working knowledge of basic humanitarian principles.


Topics covered include:

  • Shelter standards & guidelines
  • Housing, land and property issues
  • Partnerships
  • Reconstruction and recovery
  • Technical shelter solutions in urban contexts


The duration of the facilitated on-line course is 6 consecutive weeks. All activities take place online.

All the activities are asynchronous, so there aren’t fixed times when you need to be online to meet with all the others in the group. Yet, with plenty of discussions it often feels like real time, with the added advantage that you can take a little longer to formulate your contributions. The asynchronous model means that you can log in when convenient for you, whether that is during the working day, in the evening at home or while traveling. However, you need to work on the same topics in the same weeks as other participants so you will need to access the online learning site regularly to contribute.

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Course Length
40 days
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