Monitoring and Evaluation (South Africa)


Monitoring and Evaluation (South Africa)

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Band B: £80/ 1330 Rand

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Monitoring and evaluation are essential activities for any project or programme. Careful monitoring of progress against targets allows timely changes to be made to maximise impact. Evaluation ensures accountability to all parties concerned, and allows learning to be carried through to future interventions. 

This course aims to develop the competencies needed to monitor and evaluate interventions in humanitarian and development contexts. Through proactive and participatory activities, this course aims to equip participants with a solid understanding of appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools as well as the ability to apply these tools in practice. The course covers:

  • Evidence Based Programming
  • The importance of information and knowledge in programming and decision making
  • The main principles and techniques of M&E
  • Writing M&E Indicators
  • Improving programmes utilising M&E results
  • Data Collection and Use, including sample sizes and bias
  • Designing and Managing an Evaluation
  • Address the challenges in planning for and implementing M&E systems

 Who should attend?

Staff who monitor projects and are looking to improve technical M&E skills, staff who wish to strengthen organisational capacity in monitoring and evaluation, data collection, and evidence-based programming. Extensive M&E experience is not required to succeed on this course.


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Cape Town
£40.00 - £80.00
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