Training of Trainers for the Humanitarian Sector (Kenya)


Training of Trainers for the Humanitarian Sector (Kenya)

It has been said that “good teachers produce good students.” It is equally true that good trainers produce good aid workers. By passing on their wisdom and experiences through effective training techniques, humanitarian aid workers can extend the impact of their work to future projects and generations. Trainers in the humanitarian sector ensure aid workers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to deliver successful humanitarian programmes.

This five-day CPD Accredited course combines theory and practice to help you understand the fundamentals of training and facilitation and develop competencies to aid you in becoming a more effective trainer.

You will learn from experience, observation, and feedback in highly participatory activities. The skills you learn during the course will immediately be put into practice and developed as you plan and deliver your own short training sessions.

What does the course cover?

  • Adult learning and the training cycle

  • Learning needs analysis

  • Writing training objectives

  • Identifying key learning points

  • Humanitarian context for trainers

  • Training and facilitation techniques

  • Providing feedback and coaching

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • State the principles of adult learning and apply them to designing and running a training course

  • List the stages of the training cycle and the key activities that need to happen at each stage

  • Adopt a learner-centred approach when designing and delivering training

  • Write aims and objectives for training sessions and courses

  • Demonstrate a range of training skills and techniques

  • Describe the role of a facilitator and ways to work creatively and constructively with groups

  • Select appropriate activities, materials and resources for training people in humanitarian work

  • Devise tools and techniques for assessing training needs and for evaluating training

Course structure:

Registration is from 0800h, with the course starting at 0830h and concluding by 1700h The day is broken up into four sessions, separated by a lunch break and coffee/ tea breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Participants will be actively encouraged to participate in classroom discussions and group work. The trainer will draw on both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to make the experience and learning applicable to the realities of the humanitarian sector.

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