Safe and Secure Driving


Safe and Secure Driving

About the Course

Driving a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle in a safe and effective manner requires a specific set of driving skills and techniques that need attention and practice to master. Incorrect use of off-road vehicles not only increases maintenance costs but under certain road conditions can be life-threatening. Driving vehicles, particularly 4x4s on unsealed roads is a skill and should not be taken lightly.

 This training course is aimed at giving drivers an understanding of how a 4x4 works so that they can drive it safely in difficult conditions, keeping themselves and their passengers safe. This is a hands-on course that uses challenging situation awareness drills, driving exercises and performance evaluation to ensure that drivers are ready for the road.

Course Content:

  • Driving cycle
  • Best driving practice and behavior
  • Defense driving techniques
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Driving rules, waiver
  • Different 4WD systems and vehicle capabilities
  • Driving maneuvers and techniques
  • Trip Planning and convoy procedures
  • Incident Reporting and Management
  • Basic First Aid

By the end of the course you will:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a driver
  • Identify the attributes and characteristics of a driver
  • Indicate the major causes of road accident and how to manage/tackle them
  • Identify the three components of defensive driving and their effect on vehicle accident
  • Demonstrate driving technique in field exercises
  • Identify the importance of trip planning.
  • Can provide basic first aid of different nature while in the field

Course structure:

Registration is from 0800h, with the course starting at 0830hand concluding by 1700h. The day is broken up into Four sessions, separated by a lunch break and coffee/ tea breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Participants will be actively encouraged to participate in classroom discussions and group work. The trainer will draw on both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to make the experience and learning applicable to the realities of the humanitarian sector.


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Course Overview

Course Length
3 Days
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