Needs Assessment


Needs Assessment

Blending theory with practice, this Needs Assessment Techniques course will introduce you to good practices in assessment procedures and tools of emergency assessments. 

This course will assist you to conduct accurate, effective and timely assessments – an essential skill before any form of relief work can take place.

What does the workshop cover?

The goal of this 2 days course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to plan and conduct a Needs Assessment using appropriate techniques. At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of needs assessment within a humanitarian context
  • Design and plan an effective needs assessment selecting appropriate tools and techniques
  • Demonstrate the use of a variety of needs assessment tools and techniques
  • Analyse data using appropriate tools

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to improve their skills in planning & conducting Needs Assessments, particularly Programme Managers, Project Officers, Community Liaison Officers, Logistics Officers, M&E Officers.

What language is it available in?

Available in English and Arabic

This sounds interesting – is there a cost?

We ask for a contribution of 1,350 SDG per day and per participant for International NGOs, 450 SDG per day and per participant for National NGOs and for Students 250 SDG per day and per participant.

Thanks!  Now, how do I apply?

To book your seat on the training, please down load our training application form here and submit it, fully completed and signed, via email to:

For further queries, please contact us at:

Contact numbers:

             Landline:    +249 (0) 154884467

             Mobile:  +249 (0) 920000236

You can also directly visit us in our offices in Khartoum, Building No: 37, Area Khartoum 2, Block No 3/4/A, west of Faroug cemetery.

Course Overview

Course Length
2 days
Khartoum, Sudan