Results-Based Management


Results-Based Management

Results management or results-based management is one of the most important branches of effective modern management, which has been able to bring about a remarkable change in the various fields of business that have chosen to follow this new strategic approach, which is based on certain foundations that differ in essence and application from other strategies. This approach relies directly on feedback to achieve the desired goals.

It is now necessary amid the implementation of many development programs that are concerned with a particular sector (such as the health, education or agriculture sector, etc.) to work on achieving tangible results for the development of this sector and contribute to solving the problems related to it, which will benefit the members of society and thus achieve the objectives of this program.

The success of various development programs in achieving the desired results contributes to solving the problems of the community at the national level. These programs are implemented through several bodies and governmental or non-governmental organizations. Each project contributes to the achievement of a number of tangible results that reflect on the target beneficiaries, which in turn meet to achieve the results of the development program at the national level.

This training workshop aims to build the ability of workers in the field of development to plan and implement more effective programs and projects through the results-based management approach. It is as an approach that focuses on the desired results from the projects in order to achieve the best possible effect on the target communities and the optimal use of available resources.

Purpose of the course:

A good understanding of the principles, concepts, and tools of results management and its applications in the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of development projects in order to achieve results.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts, principles, tools, and methodology of results management and its applications in the field of development;
  • Conduct causal analysis, prepare a problem tree, and sort out priorities;
  • Identify the desired outcomes and formulate a series of results;
  • Select performance indicators to measure results on different levels;
  • Distinguish between results, indicators, and target;
  • Conduct risk analysis and prepare a risk reduction strategy;
  • Complete the logical framework for projects;
  • Distinguish between results and activities.

What language is it available in?

Available in Arabic and English.

This sounds interesting – is there a cost?

We ask for a contribution of 3,000 SDG per day and per participant for International NGOs, 1,100 SDG per day and per participant for National NGOs and for Students 400 SDG per day and per participant.

**The above fees are the updated fee bands that will apply from new year 2020 for our open training participants. Fee bands are subject to annual reviews based on the average market price levels in terms of training logistics, specifically, catering services and training material printing charges impacts directly on increased contribution fee bands for participants.  If you need more information on the fee bands, please contact us via email as per indicated email address.

Thanks!  Now, how do I apply?

To book your seat on the training, please down load our training application form here and submit it, fully completed and signed, via email to:  


For further queries, please contact us at:

Contact numbers:

             Landline:    +249 (0) 154884467

You can also directly visit us in our offices in Khartoum, Building No: 37, Area Khartoum 2, Block No 3/4/A, west of Faroug cemetery.

Course Overview

Course Length
5 days
Khartoum, Sudan