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Management and Leadership


Management and Leadership

The Humanitarian Staff Development courseborrows from the CONTEXT programme which is a humanitarian staff development initiative geared towards improving participants’ knowledge and skillsacross six Core Humanitarian Competency areas.This course is aimed at building humanitarian management and leadership of existing staff at a national level. Moreover, improve the quality and efficiency of emergency preparedness and response.
This training course is based on the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework and provides high-quality participative capacity building that is contextually relevant. The course offers a unique opportunity to share best humanitarian practice and establishes a common, high quality learning experience for humanitarian staff.


  • Humanitarian leadership in emergencies: what a humanitarian emergency is and leadership concepts and behaviours
  • Knowledge of humanitarian contexts and the humanitarian response system, standards and principles
  • Humanitarian project cycle management: how it can enable and enhance humanitarian action
  • An overview of coordinating humanitarianresponses: the what, the why and the how
  • Awareness of the content and practical application of the humanitarian imperative and core standards
  • An overview of the use of SPHERE and humanitarian principles and their importance when applied to delivering humanitarian actionand the challenges faced
  • Practice skills of engaging with communities and putting people at the center of our humanitarian response
  • Practice practical leadership skills critical to the management of humanitarian action: decision making and prioritising, leading teams and increasing trust within the teams and how to access the views of the most vulnerable
  • Understand what it takes to organise program support functions to facilitate effective delivery of humanitarian response and how to prioritise key program aspects
  • Understand how to identify and involve critical stakeholders and to map power and interest dimensions
  • Knowledge of analysing and managing risk to improve design and management of humanitarian programs
  • A foundational knowledge and understanding of what happens in a humanitarian response and what informs approaches and strategies

The management and Leadership course is suited for middle to senior management humanitarian staff at a national level who seek to further develop the application of Core Humanitarian Competencies to day-to-today
organisational tasks as well as make significant organisational changes.

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Course Length
5 days
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