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Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation

Course Description

Improving the quality of humanitarian practice and ensuring the effectiveness of responses to complex emergencies is a key aim shared by humanitarian agencies. Thus, monitoring and evaluation are essential activities for any project or programme. Careful monitoring of progress against targets allows timely changes to be made to maximize impact. Evaluation ensures accountability to all parties concerned, and allows learning to be carried through to future interventions. This course aims to develop the competencies needed to monitor and evaluate interventions in humanitarian and development contexts. Through proactive and participatory activities, this course aims to instill a solid understanding of appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools as well as the ability to apply these tools in practice.



( Purpose of Monitoring & Evaluation, and M&E in humanitarian context , and Roles and responsibilities in M&E , and M&E framework , and Development of M&E indicators , and Data collection & Data analysis, and  Evaluation of programme impact , and Designing M&E plans and strategies ).

Who should attend?

This course is aimed specifically at programme officers, managers, coordinators, M&E officers, and supervisors who are involved or participate in monitoring and evaluation activities and want to further improve their monitoring and evaluation abilities and their M&E system

.What language is it available in?

Available in English and Arabic

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Course Overview

Course Length
3 days
Khartoum, Sudan