Ian Woodmansey

Ian Woodmansey has worked for ICRC, UNHCR, the UN’s Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, Oxfam, MSF & Save the Children, amongst others.

He has worked in conflict and post-conflict zones around the world including Afghanistan, Burundi, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Cambodia, Angola, Bosnia, Kenya & Mauritania.

He has learnt through experience the importance of having a robust security structure in place when working in challenging environments, and is passionate about the need to protect aid workers effectively when working in the field.

Ian has managed aid projects and understands well the challenges and complexities of keeping humanitarian staff safe in unsafe places. He also has significant experience of how insecurity affects the effective delivery of aid. Ian’s particular areas of interest are landmines, safety on the move, abduction & kidnapping, security planning and crisis management.

In his role as RedR’s Security Manager, Ian trains on Open programme courses and is also very much involved in tailor-made training, delivering these courses around the world, as well as managing and delivering security consultancies, and other bespoke courses.