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Emergency Update: Indonesia earthquake and tsunami

Following a series of earthquakes that rocked the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia on Friday 28 September, RedR is on the ground responding to the disaster. At least 1,347 people are known to have died with many more injured and over 61,800 people displaced by the quakes.

A RedR team is in Indonesia, and additional RedR staff have arrived to carry out an initial emergency needs assessment. RedR members are being mobilised to serve with the UN and other agencies, with one RedR member already a key supporting part of the UN Shelter Cluster. Additionally, a pool of experts is available to give free, technical advice to aid workers on the ground via RedR UK’s online Q&A platform KnowledgePoint.

You can donate here to help us determine the most urgent shelter, water, medical, rebuilding and structural engineering needs in Indonesia, and target our expertise to help Indonesian people survive and respond to the disaster

Emergency Update: Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
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I’ve taken three RedR courses: Needs Assessment in Emergencies, Training of Trainers, and Proposal- and Report-Writing. The trainers have always been great. They have a lot of knowledge, and they know how to share it and to enhance our skills, our ability in our work. We don’t find any other training centres in Sudan that specialise in courses for NGOs and humanitarian organisations. I’ve just got back to Khartoum after a ten-day trip to the field, and I can say for sure that I’ve used what I learnt when writing up my field report.

Muhammed Faisal

Training and Capacity-Building Manager at UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology, Sudan

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