About Us

Our Vision, Mission and Strategy

RedR UK is an international charity that trains and supports aid workers and humanitarian organisations.

We act to ensure disaster-prone communities are resilient by giving them practical life-saving skills, advice and support, which help them prepare for, respond to and recover from natural and man-made disasters. 

We train thousands of aid workers each year, delivering world-class, in person and distance learning programmes to improve individual and organisation performance across the disaster cycle.

We provide experienced humanitarians, technical experts and facilitators to organisations to improve humanitarian action.

We improve learning across the sector through establishing competencies, standards and systems of recognition, and directly supporting organisations involved in capacity building.

Our vision is a world in which sufficient competent and committed personnel are available and responding to humanitarian needs.

Our mission is to develop the capacity and resilience of aid workers, communities and organisations in humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding contexts.

Our purpose is to mitigate the impact of crises on the most vulnerable people, primarily in low and lower middle-income countries.


As an organisation whose core aim is to help the most vulnerable people in the world, RedR UK understands the importance of safeguarding and is committed to protecting staff, partners, vulnerable communities and all those that come into contact with our work.

3,626 aid workers

were trained by RedR UK in 2021


Humanitarian: We believe in the provision of humanitarian assistance to people wherever it is needed to relieve suffering and sickness.

Professional: Our staff, members and partners are professional people committed to providing high quality training and expertise in disaster relief and rehabilitation.

Impartial: We work with people regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

Inclusive: We believe that partnerships with individuals, other organisations and communities promote creative and fruitful initiatives.

Impact: We believe that people in communities and aid agencies should be empowered to develop skills for immediate and future disaster response.

Respect: We believe people affected by disasters can and should be empowered to contribute to relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.


Annual Report

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