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Affiliate Scheme: Become an aid worker

RedR Affiliate status has been designed for people who want to use their professional experience in the humanitarian sector.

For over 30 years, RedR UK has been providing competent and committed personnel to humanitarian programmes worldwide. But we recognise that for people with little or no humanitarian experience it can be difficult to find work in the sector. That's why we've developed our Affiliate Scheme. It provides the support and guidance needed to develop a humanitarian career and gain the experience required to become a full RedR Member.

Please note that if, as an Affiliate, you go on to apply for RedR Membership (following the acquisition of the required humanitarian experience) you will be expected to participate in a full Membership interview.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Although Affiliates are not required to have humanitarian field experience, there are certain criteria applicants must fulfil:

  • Transferable professional skills: Affiliates must have three years of professional experience in a role with skills transferable to the sector. 
  • Humanitarian commitment: Affiliates are required to demonstrate an interest in / engagement with humanitarian work. For example: development work experience, participation in training, volunteering within the sector.
  • Travel/work experience in developing countries: Affiliates are requires to demonstrate a minimum of 3 months travel, work, volunteering or study experience in developing countries.
Who can become an Affiliate?

Affiliate Application Process

Affiliate applications are currently on hold. 

If you would like to be informed when applications are open again, sign up to the RedR Newsletter here.

My advice [to anyone looking to get into humanitarian work] would be to be flexible, open-minded and curious, because the way to find solutions in a very chaotic situation sometimes is to have high level of creativity and flexibility as well as a solution-oriented outlook.

Anthony Kergosien

RedR Member and Country Director, Action Against Hunger in Iraq

What are the benefits?

RedR Affiliates are the next generation of the RedR Membership. We are therefore committed to providing the support you need to best develop a humanitarian career. Benfits of the scheme include:

  • Member mentoring: Receive guidance and advice from one of our experienced Members to help you pursue a humanitarian career or to support you in the initial stages of your humanitarian career.
  • Training discounts: As an Affiliate, you will receive 10% off the first two RedR courses you attend, increasing by 5% for each subsequent course up to a maximum of 30%. Affiliates can also apply to the half-price training scheme, to be considered for one of our two half-price places on each RedR training course in the UK.
  • Access to the RedR Members’ Directory: All Affiliates will have immediate access to the RedR Members' Directory where job opportunites are posted, and through which you can contact RedR Members around the world.
  • In-person and online networking: You will be invited to attend events, giving you the opportunity to meet and network with Members and others working in the sector. There are also opportunities for Affiliates to network with one another through a number of online platforms. 
  • Affiliate kit: On confirmation of your application you will receive regular updates from RedR, RedR publications and a RedR T-shirt.

How to apply

Applications to join the RedR Affiliate programme are currently closed. To be notified of the next application window, please sign up to our newsletter.

For me this mentoring relationship has provided me with a window to another world. I have found it enriching from both a technical and personal point of view. It has enabled me to feel more confident when I go to the field. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone interested in humanitarianism, it has been a successful experience.

Claudia Tizzoni, RedR Affiliate

Claudia was mentored by RedR Member Bertrand Ngama

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