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World-class training

We provide world-class in person and distance learning programmes. Our Tailor-Made Programme is a flexible, global service that strengthens the capacity of organisations and their staff.

From off-the-shelf learning programmes, at a time and location of your choice, to the development of a fully bespoke solution tailored to your audience, context and learning needs, we will work with you to identify the best options.

As humanitarians ourselves, we have a unique perspective on the needs of the sector, enabling us to deliver learning solutions that reflect the challenges faced by those involved in humanitarian action.  Our distinctive learning experiences are characterised by their participatory, interactive and engaging style.

93% of those we trained in 2017/18

reported 'excellent' or 'good' improvement in knowledge and skills.


For organisations looking to train several members of staff, with specialist needs or limited time, our Tailor-Made Training service is the most effective way to meet your objectives.

We can deliver an off-the-shelf course, develop your own bespoke training, or anything in between, at a time and venue of your choice.


Our consultancy services are here to support you with organisational development and change. Drawing on our large pool of RedR associates we can provide experienced humanitarians, technical experts, and facilitators to support you at any stage of the programme cycle: from needs assessment and analysis, through strategic planning and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.


Simulations are an effective way to, test systems and processes, assess staff performance, enhance learning and behaviour change, or engage new stakeholders. We can deliver off-the-shelf simulation exercises or design bespoke learning solutions ranging from an hour, to several days in length.


Mentoring is a means to provide individualised support to build the capacity of your staff. We can support you to develop your own mentoring scheme, by identifying and training potential mentors, and developing the systems and processes to identify, match and support mentees.


Our coaches are available to support individuals to reflect, learn and change.

Coaching can be added in to our Tailor-Made services to provide ongoing support to learners by encouraging them to reflect and engage with their learning once back in the workplace.

Online learning

For geographically diverse teams, online learning is a valuable alternative to face to face events.

We can design, develop and/or facilitate online learning programmes for your staff using a combination of methodologies that ensure participation and engagement are maximised.

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I can categorically state that since developing a relationship with RedR back in 2009, Transaid's security approach has gone from non-existent to comprehensive. As a Senior Management Team, we feel confident that we have the tools and understanding to operate in insecure environments [...] without putting our teams at risk.

Gary Forster

CEO of Transaid

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Training Topics

See our training calendar for details
See our training calendar for details

Suggested Programmes


RedR is working with Bird Coaching to offer a range of pick and mix workshops designed to build resilience in your team to increase productivity and prevent burn out. Available sessions include:

Stress signals – identify the different types of stress and the ways in which it shows itself. The session teaches 5 practical strategies to tackle stress and invites attendees to practice them within the session.

Boundaries and self-management – identify your individual purpose and vision, and that of your organisation, before considering the boundaries you need to operate effectively within these by learning when to say yes and when to say no, and how to identify and correct self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

Courageous conversations – improve understanding within your team, calmer internal dialogues and create breakthroughs in relationships by learning the steps to having courageous conversations and saying what you mean in a constructive way.


Verbal communication is our primary form of interaction, yet, it is often not used mindfully or effectively. VoicePrint is an innovative approach that focuses on how much and how well individuals use nine ‘voices’, each of which plays an essential part in effective interaction. The VoicePrint methodology helps individuals to understand and improve their command of the nine voices and unlock organisational performance.

Individual profiles – Complete the VoicePrint Self-Perception questionnaire and receive an individualised profile report and session with a qualified VoicePrint consultant who will guide you through a reflection on your profile, identifying strengths, potential challenges and areas for development.

360 profiles – to build on the understanding gained from the individual report, the VoicePrint 360 Questionnaire invites those around an individual to report on how they hear that individual. This provides feedback on how your communication is heard and received. By comparing this to the self-perception report, valuable insights are generated and discussed with a VoicePrint consultant during a 1-1 session.

Group profiles – to understand the communication trends within a team, both in normal circumstances and when under pressure, a group profile can be created from self-perception and/or 360 data. A half-day session with the whole team will explore the group profile in detail, identifying tendencies, impacts of these, and priorities for development.


Are you ready to manage an organisational crisis? Our crisis management package supports you and your team to ensure you are, by simulating a crisis in a safe, learning environment.

We will work with you to identify the threats your face, and steps you will take in the event of these, before building these in to a tailored simulation exercise. The simulation can be run with an HQ or field team, or a combination, working together to respond to the scenario. Your organisational specifics will be incorporated into the simulation including crisis response plans, operating environments, mission and mandate.

A thorough debrief at individual, team and task levels will ensure that learning is identified and captured to improve organisational practice going forward.

This package can be paired with our consultancy services, for example, to support you to develop security and crisis management plans, teams, and tools, before inducting the team on these through the simulation.

Suggested Programmes