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Covid-19: RedR UK launches the first UK programme in its history

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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, communities are increasingly in need of information about disease prevention and treatment. We want to ensure that everyone in the UK has access to accurate and digestible information from the UK government and the NHS, including those who encounter language or cultural barriers.

There are a lot of myths and fake news, it's getting hard to know what is true and what is not. Information can be inaccurate, out-of-date, or not in the right language. This is especially true for vulnerable communities such as some migrant and ethnic minority groups.


Misinformation kills. There is a vital need to address these gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make sure everyone in the country understands Covid-19 prevention and treatment, no matter the language they speak or their access to official UK Government guidelines.

Jo de Serrano


Jo de Serrano

Free online training courses

Thanks to the support of the Whitbybird Foundation, RedR UK will develop free online training courses in English and other languages that aim to: 

  • build skills and knowledge to spread accurate hygiene promotion and disease prevention messages 
  • combat myths about prevention and treatment of Covid-19 
  • promote positive mental health coping strategies


Working with community leaders to cascade the knowledge in the UK and overseas

RedR UK’s strategy is to first train community leaders with strong social and community networks to spread information both in the UK and overseas. Those trained will in turn disseminate what they have learnt to their communities in an accessible and digestible way. 

Jo de Serrano says: “we will target first responders, faith leaders, volunteers, health workers and opinion holders such as taxi drivers.  We will also work in close collaboration with collective groups like councils, unions, and local associations who can go on to train others.” 

Do you want to be trained or know someone who does?  We would love to hear from you. Please contact our team!

Every pound counts

“We responded to the Ebola emergency and as a result we’re well-placed to respond to Covid-19, developing learning programmes for humanitarian organisations and the affected population both overseas and in the UK. This response is unprecedented and every pound counts”, urges Jo de Serrano. 

“I am calling on institutional organisations, our corporate partners and individual donors to help RedR UK to deliver life-saving training. Your contribution can make a huge difference.” 


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