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People in climate-vulnerable communities implement new adaptation and resilience practices

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Following our Climate Change programme, new adaptation and resilience practices were implemented in different countries. Learn more about the impact of our work!

Celebrated this June 5th, World Environment Day brings the attention back to the need to live sustainably, in harmony with nature, by creating a transformative change. And change is exactly what our Climate programmes aim to do! None more so than the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCADRR) programme, which has expanded in the last year to East Africa and continues to also support communities in South and Southeast Asia. 

Our CCADRR course has been a key programme of RedR UK since 2019, with the generous funding of AXA XL. With the aim to empower local and national actors in climate-vulnerable regions to align climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction approaches, this programme helps communities to better prepare for the risks that climate change presents.  

When participants put their new knowledge and skills into practice, from mapping climate hazards in the Philippines to natural resource management in South Sudan, we see the practical results of our programme. As an advocacy and ensuring the cascading of participants’ knowledge are essential elements of the project, participants are also encouraged to share their learning with their communities and colleagues. We estimate that a total of 7138 people were reached indirectly through the most recent project cycle.

The impact of our work in East Africa


Since 2019, over 330 people have been trained in the full CCADRR learning programme, and 214 participants have completed shorter add on modules on topics such as ecosystem-based adaptation, and forecast-based financing. This has included participants from NGOs, governments, private organisations, and community-based organisations, representing 15 countries. The programme also received consistently positive feedback from participants, with over 99% of participants rating the course as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Risk reduction in response to climate change 

The latest IPCC report, published in March 2022, is the most damning confirmation to date of the irreversible impacts of climate change, with observed impacts across every country and ecosystem. The report highlights the integral role of adaptation and risk reduction in our response to climate change. There remains a capacity gap on how to align and implement initiatives and approaches at the local levels, using climate change adaptation to reduce disaster risk, and vice versa. RedR UK will continue efforts to bridge this gap in 2022 and beyond, framing the project into the wider CCA and DRR discourse.

Risk reduction in response to climate changeĀ 

The World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2022, celebrated on June 5th, was held under the theme Only One Earth, highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes – through policies and our choices – towards cleaner, greener lifestyles. Only One Earth was the motto for the 1972 Stockholm Conference; 50 years on, the motto holds true - this planet is our only home, whose finite resources humanity must safeguard.

The World Environment Day