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On the 19th of September we are running one of our long-time favourite training courses for people looking to pursue a humanitarian career - So you think you want to be an aid worker? 

This one-day workshop is an essential introduction for anyone interested in a career in or looking to make the leap into the humanitarian sector. You will hear first hand experiences from individuals who have been involved in humanitarianism and/or development, learn about the nature of humanitarian relief, learn how to apply your existing skills in the sector and perhaps even meet people who could help you get your foot in the door.

A humanitarian career is no mean-feat and reasons for people wanting to pursue a career in aid work are vastly different. 

The following 13 Reasons Why someone would want to be an aid worker are a collection of insights, thoughts and statements. If you recognise yourself in any of them, sign up for the course and kick start your humanitarian journey. 

1. A tragic event inspired you to seek out a career you are passionate about.

A story told by aid worker, Karen Stewart.

2. You have real compassion for refugees and want to provide them with a better life.

I am interested in this field because I can improve my knowledge and skills about how to work with refugees. It's really useful to know what their basic needs are and to focus our efforts to support them as best we can. At the end we are all human and if we didn't support the vulnerable people or beneficiaries, who would? We are always trying to head towards a better life.

Zain Hijjawi

An aid worker in Jordan and participant of our RedR UK COVID-19 courses in MENA

3. You want to bring true gender equality to those that need it most.

Quote by Clare Lofthouse, Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programme Officer at Plan International Nederland.
Quote by Clare Lofthouse, Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programme Officer at Plan International Nederland.

4. You are young and creative, but want to use that creativity for good.

The Humanitarian sector attracts a melting pot of young creative minds, like James Elsey - Calais refugee Aid Worker who said: 

I volunteered in Calais and saw firsthand the difference grassroots organisations can make in helping refugees. I saw my background in music and contemporary art as an opportunity to leverage some of the networks I was in, for fundraising towards this end. Since then, I have been motivated to organise electronic music nights, co-organising an annual community arts sale called Bridge the Channel in South London. And most recently, over lockdown, I co-curated Slipstream, a series of broadcasts on Twitch.tv with artists live streaming their work to fundraise for local refugee organisations. These projects have been very enriching and although I am conducting these on a voluntary basis, I would highly recommend pursuing a career in the humanitarian sector because there is so much room for creative fundraising and that combined with the fact you’re raising money for initiatives you care about is a big reason why!

James Elsey

Calais refugee Aid Worker

5. We're only human.

As humans, we make conscious choices to stay focused on all the good things we can achieve. We feel that every time we succeed in creating something more for others, we somehow give a counterweight to the remaining challenges of the world. It is this vision, this “why,” that allows us to do this work. We simply believe we can make a difference.


6. Young people have a deep desire to make the world a better place.

Gen Z stats
Gen Z stats

7. You’re looking for a more conscious career.

2020 has been a really testing year. And people are rising up to that. In the commercial world, people don’t get fulfillment for helping people and doing good in the world. The humanitarian industry has seen a huge spike in the younger generations looking for more ‘conscious’ work but also seen people in their 30s, 40s looking for a career change that will help them to do more good in the World. 

Did you know that 76% of Millennials would take a pay cut for a more socially responsible career? Reference

8. You're an engineer and want to use your skills for good.

Siobhan McGrath will be a guest speaker on the So You Think training course on the 19th of September. Siobhan is an engineer and took part in the course at the beginning of her humanitarian career. When you join the course, you'll be able to hear more about her journey.

"I wanted to have more of a focus on helping people in my work as an engineer."

9. You have the traits of what makes a good humanitarian.

In the SYT course you will find out what makes a good humanitarian in great depth. Here’s a sneak peek if you’re curious. 

Flexibility. Relationship building. Working well under pressure. Resilience. 

10. You LOVE to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Humans are naturally curious beings and given the chance to step beyond your borders can be highly stimulating in a professional setting. So, whether you’re sent out to the field or relocating offices, chances are in a humanitarian career you’re likely to work with people from all around the world and experience cultures and communities that are far beyond where you grew up or where you come from. 

11. You want a challenge.

Aid work can be challenging but it’s a challenge you want to tackle. Helping those in need is mentally tiring, because you’re dealing with sensitive, emotional situations. Your leadership, as well as team kinship is tested in the best way possible as you strive to progress in the field.

12. You can’t see yourself in another field, and you want to feel pride in your career path.

For some, aid work will always feel like their destined path and line of work. By anyone's standards aid work is an honorable cause to dedicate your life to. You can take pride in what you’re investing your time into, being both interesting and educational whilst also making a difference. 

13. You want to channel your compassion

Aid work is not only vital to providing life-changing support to the world, but it’s also wholly fulfulfing.

13 reasons why Date: 20th March 2021 Time: 09.30-17:00 GMT Where: Zoom

To sign up, today, click here.