The Power of your Legacy: Remember us in your will

Create a Free Online Will

Could you do something special and leave a gift for RedR UK?

Leaving a gift in your Will to RedR UK will ensure we can continue our support to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

We know the importance of writing your Will and respect your privacy on such a personal matter. Once you have your belongings in order it may be easier than your think to leave your favorite charities something in your Will.

We have partnered with Kwil, a trusted provider with years of experience offering online Wills for their charity partners, completely FREE. This amazing offer is Kwil’s way of contributing to the charity sector and spread their impact. Once you have completed the guided process and have created your Will online, Kwil offer free edits for life.

No matter how large or small, you can be confident that your gift will go towards supporting those in need

Create a Free Online Will

We have partnered with Kwil to offer our supporters the opportunity to create an online Will for free.