Fundraiser of the Month, September 2017: Natasha Tinsley

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In just under a month Natasha will be trekking 100km across the Jordanian desert on behalf of RedR

To help her reach her £3,200 target Natasha, a graduate engineer from Patron firm Atkins, had the nifty idea of hosting a craft beer tasting evening. RedR HQ were very impressed with her ingenuity!

So that more of the fundraising went straight to RedR she first got a venue kindly donated by her work! Once a date was set she asked local breweries to donate beer in the name of RedR; luckily three lovely London breweries came to the rescue! To add to her fundraising on the day, she also contacted companies to get prizes donated to her raffle on the day and managed to get brewery tours, ice skating tickets, and even cocktail and cooking classes. 

Then, her trap was set! She lured guests in with the irresistible promise of beer and food and charged £15 per entry. In addition she charged £1 per raffle ticket. Well done to Natasha- in return for her persistence and originality she fundraised over £600 to go towards her trek total!

I decided to jump on the craft beer band wagon and hold a craft beer tasting event for my work colleagues. Local breweries donated beer and my friend, Bobby the brewer, came along to talk guests through their beers. Everyone had a merry time in the name of charity and I managed to raise enough money to get me to 75% of my fundraising target! Who doesn’t love beer!?’

Natasha Tinsley

RedR Petra trekker and epic fundraiser

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